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About Us

Our Story

     They say tremendous success often comes from something else not working out as it should. This statement is as valid for TAP as it was for Coca-Cola  , the Post-It  , or even Ferrari  . The source of the glue that brought and bound co-founders of TAP together is Kevin Abankwa, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer. It all began with a casual conversation between the two high school pals, Kevin and Carlos, about how to induct “jollof rice”, a popular West African dish, into the list of foreign dishes embraced by most Americans. Further talks stimulated several other entrepreneurial discussions with the latest being how to siphon best practices and technology in developed worlds to improve the lives of people, environment, businesses, and ultimately governments in Africa.


     It is no cliché, at least not in TAP's case, that great minds do think alike. While discussions were ongoing between Carlos and Kevin, Eugene Frimpong, a seasoned financial and risk management professional, had been pondering on the same vision for Africa. Eugene had already taken the initiative to advance his vision and passion into action. Before TAP came into existence, Eugene had organized a very successful first-ever big data analytics seminar in Ghana.  The seminar equipped Ghanaian business professionals, government officials, and students with several tools and techniques utilized in big data and analytics (BDA). The success of the seminar attracted interest from several company executives and government officials, who reached out to the then Frimps Analytics (currently TAP) for help with their BDA needs.  


     As Eugene's strategic advisor and classmate in the Grand Canyon University's Doctoral  program in Business Administration with emphasis in Data Analytics, Kevin knew the trio would merge organically to make all of their mutual goals for Africa, their motherland, a collective reality. It turns out Kevin was right. Today, The Analytics Professionals is the first black-owned American big data analytics company with branches in Africa, changing the way entities in emerging economies create value with their data assets.




Our Mission

     TAP is dedicated to improving the lives of people worldwide by reducing waste, expanding access to the best available technology, and producing economic growth that is sustainable over the long term. We help leaders in the governmental, private, and non-profit sectors gain deeper insights into their internal, as well as external (global) data, enabling entities to optimize strategy, and ultimately gain a competitive edge in their respective markets, as well as global economy.


     TAP's founding partners have a rich blend of business and academic experience, combining the disciplines of finance, economics, statistics, engineering, management, and lean tools to help their clients make data-driven decisions.  We use industry trends to develop a deep understanding of the macroeconomic forces that affect business strategy and public policy. TAP's global footprint extends to North America and Africa, setting the pace for big data analytics in Ghana, which is the home country of the three founding members. Our pledge to improve the lives of people in Africa go beyond economic value, Learn more about our social initiatives through TAP foundation.

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