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The Analytics Professionals

Big data without big insights is a big hurdle.
TAP into your business's data potential today!
Who are we

Driving digital transformation

through Data Science

TAP is dedicated to improving the lives of people worldwide by reducing waste, expanding access to the best available technology, and producing economic growth that is sustainable over the long term. Big data and analytics works in developed markets, but what about emerging markets? This is where TAP makes a difference. TAP is a world-renowned minority-owned big data analytics firm utilizing excellent analytical horsepower and superior intellectual firepower to help organizations make sense out of their data. We provide a broad range of services from data aggregation & warehousing to artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning (ML).


Our Services

BIG Data analytics

Big data analytics gives business leaders a deeper understanding of business value, and equips them with the tools and techniques needed to maximize value. TAP provides services in all four levels of business intelligence maturity: descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.



TAP derives insights & knowledge from both structured and unstructured data sets to give our clients a competitive edge in their respective markets.



A picture is worth  a thousand words. Through visualization solutions, our clients are able to easily identify areas that need attention and to readily resolve them.

Business Intelligence

Every business is unique and so are the solutions TAP provide to clients. With an array of tools and business expertise, we endeavor to understand your business as well as what drives it's sustainability measures. Then we provide a custom business intelligence solution to put your business in the right direction for growth.


Data warehousing is cardinal in ensuring the quality of data used in analytics. At TAP, we assist clients in achieving superior data warehousing to provide data integrity.



The new era of automation is enabled by an emphasis on precision & accuracy. At TAP, our clients can experience a leap into the future with our AI & ML services for seamless automation and business decision making.



The world is experiencing the Industrial Age of Data Aggregation. Therefore TAP's data aggregation services empower our clients with a centralized database, equipping them with the needed readiness for big data analytics.

Iot System Integration

The connectivity of IoT provides the avenue for our clients to harness the data potential of their enterprise systems in making strategic business decisions.

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